The popularity of Stem Cell Therapy is growing.  Whatever controversy has surrounded stem cells therapy in the past, the fact is that stem cells are changing people’s lives…for the better.

Here are 4 Ways Stems Cells Are Changing Lives

1. Anti-aging
Womans face showing as young on one side and old on the other.
Stem Cells are used in many anti-aging treatments.

Stem Cells are already used in a range of anti-aging products to bring back vibrancy and youthful appearances that diminish as we naturally age.  Scientists recently discovered that stem cells extracted from fat cells prove to be stable and potentially beneficial for anti-aging treatments.

2.  Osteoarthritis and Bone
Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain

New Stem Cell Therapy has been shown to reduce fractures and increase the plasticity of the bone, giving hope for those suffering from Osteoarthritis or brittle bone disease.  Stem Cell Therapy can also help astronauts, who are estimated to lose 2.5% of their bone density for every month they are in space.

3.  Helping Burn Victims

Doctor wrapping patients hand in gauze

Scientists have developed a “magic gun” that allows stem cells to be sprayed onto a burn.  Burn wounds usually take weeks to months to fully heal, but by spraying stem cells directly onto the burn wound patients are able to regrow skin and heal within days.

4.  Spinal Cord Injury
Stem Cells have been used to help paralyzed patients regain movement.

Progress in stem cell therapy is allowing doctors to not only treat patients with degenerative disc issues but even those who have suffered severe spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis.  Stem Cell therapy for spinal cord injuries is still in the experimental stages but thus far it has shown to be successful in helping paralyzed victims move again.



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