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stem cell therapy side effect may help relationships
stem cell shots may reduce pain and open the door for physical activity

Chonic pain sufferers sadly struggle with relationships because pain is robbing them from being themself. Do you have chronic pain from arthritis? Knee pain? Hip pain? Shoulder pain? Other joint pains?

It’s bad enough that you’re suffering through the physical pain, but as you probably know, the emotional pain can outweigh the physical issues when it comes to relationship challenges.

The pains extend into more than just romantic relationships too. The chronic pain impacts your relationships with other family members too.

You’ve probably missed family events or you may have been present, but not able to be engaged due to the physical pains you suffer. But as you know, that will impact the quality of a relationship too.

Pain is a robber.

Pain is like a rock that is thrown into the center of an never ending pond. The concentric circles go further and further out. Pain’s impact just keeps expanding and expanding. Until you look up one day and pain has painted its ugly mark on your entire life.

It’s NOT your fault.

Fact: Everybody has to deal with pain.

Fact: You can get out of some of the pain that many people have felt they have been hand-cuffed to. Especially the joint pains that stem cell therapy has been successful in helping.

No. We are NOT saying that stem cell therapy can help your relationships. But we ARE saying that pain is BAD for you in a number of areas and it’s been proven to have negative effects on relationships. So if you’re able to remove the variable of pain from the equation in your relationship then hopefully you’ll be a better position to enhance your relationships. That makes sense doesn’t it?

The stem cell advancements have been helping people realize a better quality of life by helping to reduce pain. After the pain is reduced or removed then people are able to excercise which helps them to have more energy and feel better about themselves. Most of the time when you’re felling better about yourself then that reflects in your relationships. So, as you can see the concentric circles from the pond illustraion happens, but for the positive. Meaning that the positive impact of removing pain has echos that go on and on and on.

Stem cell therapy gives you options. It allows you the opportunity to get back to a point in time when pain was not making your decisions for you.

We can NOT guarantee that stem cell therapy will work for you. We wish we could, but just like any other medical procedure there is not a guarantee. If you had knee surgery it is not guaranteed to come out perfect and the same goes for stem cell therapy. In fact, think about it for a second. You probably know of someone who has had surgery and the results were not positive. You’re probably thinking of that person or a number of people right now. It’s possible that you have had surgery and did not get the result you were hoping for from surgery.

But wouldn’t you agree that if you’re suffering from chronic pain in one of the areas that stem cell has been getting positive results from then it would make sense to look into stem cell therapy?

Read the attached article from CNN. It’s an older article that is still 100% true today. But the difference today is if you have joint pains then you actually have a new option that just may cause a positive ripple effect throughout your life. It’s called stem cell shots. It could be just what ‘Dr. Phil & Dr. Oz’ ordered because the removal of pain could help your emotionally in so many areas including relationships and of course it would be amazing for you physically too, because you can then get to enjoy your life the way you deserve to enjoy life.

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The article below deals with the pains of fibromyalgia. But pain does not discriminate when it comes to impacting relationships. The source of the chronic pain does not matter when it comes to pain’s negative impacts on you as an individual as well as how it disrupts and can be so devastating on all of your relationships.

Stem cells are not a panacea, but you deserve a better quality of life and stem cells just might be the solution.

Athena Champneys, 37, has been in near-constant pain since 2003, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain and tenderness. Her husband hasn’t always been 100 percent sympathetic, however.

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