Discover Why Local Cincinnati Area Doctors Provide Stem Cell Shots For Hip Pain. Government Studies Continue ‘Strong Evidence’ It Works. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Injections for Hip Pain Right Here in Ohio.

What’s as important as getting people out of pain? Getting people off of painkillers. Look here to learn more about getting people out of pain.

We use the words ‘painkillers’ in place of the drugs people are forced to use when experiencing the very real pains associated with hip joint pains, as well as many other joint pains such as knee pains and others, because sadly each day you read the news you’ll discover another person dealing with the opioid addiction epidemic.

Stem cells are NOT a panacea or ‘cure all’ and not everyone will get the almost miracle-like results that have been recorded in thousands upon thousands of cases. Yet, the use of stem cell injections for hip pain is definitely a method that should be utilized in so many of the cases where people are now currently ‘covering up the pain’ with drugs instead of fixing the source of the pain with mesenchymal stem cells.

We’ve attached an article that will give you some very in-depth medical insights. The wording is definitely difficult to absorb unless you’re in the medical or scientific profession. But what you’re looking for in this article is the conclusions. It states ‘strong evidence’ that pain reduction and range of movement etc.

Given the fact that it is a scientific article it will not come right out and state ‘it works’ because they have to account for all of the variables which they don’t feel as though they know just yet. And let’s be clear, it IS a government entity so to actually think it would state ANYTHING clearly then… well, you just don’t know how the government works! Lol

But the bottom line is the results are clear. Stem cells have been making a tremendous impact for good in the medical world. It is allowing people to have less or no pain. It is getting people off the painkillers. It is getting people back into active life styles. It is giving people back their lives. Allowing them to do the things that they love to do.

Pain restricts because that is its purpose. It stops your body from doing something that could be more detrimental. That is part of the body’s design.

Stem cells regenerate. THAT, is part of the body’s design too. So, the choice is to cover up the pain with painkillers that kill more than just the pain. You can have surgery, along with painkillers that do more than just kill the pain. And, to be frank, there are still a tremendous amount of cases where surgery is the best LAST option. But it should be the LAST option whenever possible. And the best choice in a lot of cases is to allow stem cells to regenerate your body to alleviate the pain and restore movement as well as allow for the chance to regain strength. Regain independence. Regain confidence.

We would love to have the chance to answer your questions. We don’t know all the answers, but we know the answers to the questions that are making a positive difference in lives of people just like you.

We provide FREE, no obligation stem cell therapy information seminars. We cover the most commonly asked questions and then we provide you with a chance to ask questions directly to the doctors. You have nothing to lose, and possibly a pain-free life to gain.

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Please be sure to read the article below. Once again, there’s a lot of medical terminology and scientific words, but it is informative and just additional insights as to why we’re so excited to be able to offer stem cell therapy for hips right here in the Cincinnati area.

Source: Mesenchymal stem cell therapy in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis

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