How Much Does Regenexx Cost or Beaconortho Cost In Cincinnati Area? Here’s A Better Question…

Renewstem is located right here in the Cincinnati area and we don’t have any affiliation with the Mayo Clinic®,  Regenexx® or Beaconortho®.  Although we are not endorsing their services, we do expect that they are actually great services. Of course we’d love to be your choice for stem cell therapy here in Ohio, but you do have other options.

Why do we mention these other services? Because we get asked how we compare in terms of costs. And although we are extremely competitive in comparison, we’d like to caution your thinking when it comes to asking about cost.

Here’s why.

When you ask how much does this service cost, you may be better served by thinking of what type of ‘investment’ this would be verses a cost.  Let’s think about it like this:

We constantly get asked how much does stem cell injections cost in the Cincinnati area, or if you do a search on Google then you’ll see people are always asking how much does stem cell therapy cost. But here’s a better question for you to ask yourself: How much is it costing you to not be able to do the things you want to do and used to do because of the pains you’re suffering?

Too many times the investment to get healthier is put behind the purchase of cable TV, or other incredibly non-essential things. Let’s face it, we’ve all made those kind of decisions – Right?

But the reality is when you stop to really consider how valuable it is to not have to deal with nagging pains or excruciating pains then the investment to get a pain free life or to live with a significant reduction in pain then you’d really reach the conclusion like most other smart people and say it’s ‘priceless’.

It’s ‘priceless’ to be able to take a drive with your family and create memories without having to suffer through pain.

It’s ‘priceless’ to be able to swing your child or grandchild in the air or on a swing and not have the fear of your knee or arm or whatever ‘giving out’ on you.

It’s ‘priceless to be able to take a long walk with a loved one and enjoy the weather without reaching for Tylenol or some other over the counter drug that is slowly causing your internal organs to fail.

It’s ‘priceless’ to (You Fill In The Blank).

Getting stem cell therapy or stem cell injections in Cincinnati area is easier than it’s ever been. And the cost?  It’s the price you pay to NOT be able to move or live without pain.

Renewstem Stem Cell Therapy Hip Pain
How do you put a price on time with loved ones? You can’t. The value of the memories is priceless.

And the value? It’s ‘Priceless’.

We would love to talk with you about your options, and whether you get your stem cell care with Renewstem or if you opt to go somewhere else is not the real question. The real question is what is it costing you to not have the health you could and should have. How would your life change is you had less pain? Pain can often lead you down a road of poor decisions. We’d value the chance to help you get a new lease on a pain free or less pain life. Stem cell therapy is changing lives. Will you be next?

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