Stem Cell Injections For Elbows In Greater Cincinnati Area? If Andrew Heaney’s stem-cell therapy is a success, it could signal the end of the Tommy John epidemic in baseball — Quartz

Are stem cell injections for elbows going to ‘throw a curve ball’ at the need for Tommy John surgery?

We don’t know of any person who if given the option of not having surgery and getting better results than actually having the surgery that would take the surgical route. And that goes ‘double’ if you make your living by throwing. Right?

But think about this. If you work for a living, then you make your living by using your elbow too! Granted, you may or may not be making the millions of dollars that these guys who can throw a fastball faster than a speeding bullet, but that does not mean that it’s not just as important to you and your family that you can have full use of your elbow or frankly any other joint pain that is hindering you from performing your best both physically and mentally.

And if you’re no longer working at a job, then you still use your elbow every day so your ability to get the full use of your body is every bit as important as professional baseball players. Regardless of your age.

Stem cell therapy and PRP are actually allowing for fewer and fewer invasive medical procedures, while actually getting better results. And the exciting part is that stem cell research is literally in the news almost every day with new uses.

It’s only a matter of time before the application and utilization processes are going to be more enhanced with even better results. But you don’t have to wait, and you should not wait to get the information about how stem cells may be the solution for your chronically painful elbow. And you should not feel as though your only option is to get cut open and glued/sewn back together.

Renewstem Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain
Pain does not care if you’re in your 20’s or 60’s. Elbow and shoulder pain can be crippling.

It’s natural to have questions about stem cells. In fact, we’d be concerned if you did not have questions. So we’ve provided a FREE seminar for you to attend in order to come and learn more about how stem cells are practically turning back the hands of time.

And as for throwing the curveball at Tommy John surgery? The answer is absolutely yes. It’s a curveball that will freeze the surgeons in the box and the umpire will be yelling ‘Strike 3 – You’re Outta here!’.

Are we there right now for baseball players? Not 100% percent. But as long as you don’t throw a baseball 100mph for a living then you should come to a Renewstem Free Stem Cell Info Seminar (Free Seminar Information Can Be Found Here) because we’ll share how we just may be able to help you to:

Renew Your Possibilities™
No Surgery. Quick & Safe.

Read below about the use of stem cells for pitchers.


Source: If Andrew Heaney’s stem-cell therapy is a success, it could signal the end of the Tommy John epidemic in baseball — Quartz

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