Got Knee Pain? Live In The Greater Cincinnait Area? Then Read Why Stem Cells Are Not The Future – It’s TODAY! “Stem cells may be the future of orthopaedics, general medicine | Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine”

Got knee pain in the Cincinnati area? If you do, and you’re an elite athlete then the #1 name to seek out for help is Dr. Andrews. Who is Dr. Andrews?

NFL, NBA, Olympic, you name it, the name that is most trusted for knee injuries and for knee pain is Dr. Andrews. Right now you may be thinking – “So What!”…. Well here’s why we’re saying that.

Dr. Andrews almost 5 years ago was saying that Stem Cells may be the future of [medicine…. [knee medicine] insertion of knee medicine is by us, but since he is the knee doctor we’re saying that is what he is talking about.

Stem cell knee injections are available right here in the Cincinnati, Kentucky, Indiana area. Renewstem is having great success with knee stem cell therapy. In fact, we have some very exciting testimonials.

If you’re experiencing knee pain, bone on bone, or cartilage issues, or possibly even meniscus challenges, then stem cell therapy is definitely something that you should get more information about.

Renewstem offers FREE Seminars as well as one-on-one consultations to help you get your answers to adult stem cell questions.

The cost of stem cells is always one of the questions and we will cover that topic at our Free Seminars as well as the types of stem cells that we provide to patients.

To take a look back in time regarding the topic of stem cells we’ve attached an article from 2012. In truth, that is not that long ago, but the advancements in treatments as well as the significant reduction in costs of stem cells in such a short amount of time is truly mind boggling.

Are stem cells the future? The shocking answer is NO! Why?

Because stem cells are the present! Right now! And the results are getting better and better.

Stem cells are not perfect and the results will vary. Yet, the evidence and results are beyond worth your time in getting all of the facts for yourself or for your loved one.

Stem cell therapy can make a big difference for you. Only if you get the facts, and then decide to invest in your health. But don’t just take our word for it. Take the word of who could arguably be one of the most trusted doctors in the world because Dr. Andrews treats the franchise players in the NFL, NBA, FIFA, and any other athlete commanding hundreds of millions of dollars. And if stem cells are good for him to give to these athletes, then stem cells are great for you to look into.

Read the article from the past and then know that what we can do right here in your own ‘backyard’ is way better than what he and his team thought possible just five short years ago.

Stem cells and ‘Scottie beam me up’ are truly almost in the same world!

At the Andrews Institute, doctors and surgeons are studying stem cells in order to bring the best treatments to patients in a manner that is safe, effective and ethically responsible.

Source: Stem cells may be the future of orthopaedics, general medicine | Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

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