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Surprised By How Many Cincinnati Are Residents Get Stem Cell Therapy?

Renewstem is a provider of stem cell therapy. We offer our services for a number of areas related to chronic joint pain. The advancements in this field of medicine are constantly raising the bar in terms of getting amazing results.

What are stem cells?

what is a stem cell
Stem Cells


The body uses stem cells for the regenerative reparation of cells. Some of the stem cells have the capacity to essentially turn into a number of different types of cells that are required by the body for repairing the body. This is one of the many truly fascinating aspects of stem cells. They seek and repair versus a seek and destroy element.

We cover the various types and sources of stem cells when people attend our Free Seminars. But, for this article, we will clearly point out that we do NOT use embryonic stem cells (ESC). In other words, ZERO babies were aborted or hurt to get the stem cells that we utilize.

We use, with consent, healthy umbilical cords to get the stem cells. These cords would typically be thrown away, but with modern science, we can now utilize this lifeline connection to become a lifeline to the reduction of pain for many joint diseases and injuries. And the really amazing thing is even if you’ve suffered for a long time, stem cell therapy has made a significant difference for a vast amount of people.

The areas that stem cells are helping are only limited by the number of areas that the human body can break down or need help. Which is clearly the entire body.

Below is information about a stem cell therapy clinical trial for back injuries. The national clinical trial can be found here:

If you want the short version of what is going on with the stem cells for back pain clinical trial you can click on the link below.

The clinical trials will continue and the amazing results will continue to stack up. The great thing about stem cells is that they are not a pharmaceutical drug that is a foreign substance created by man in our valiant efforts to resolve pain. Stem cells represent a way for the body to use its own cellular design to regenerate new cells for the purpose of which they were intended. Now THAT is amazing.

We get questions all of the time about the areas of treatment that can currently provide and the answer is we are currently providing stem cell therapy for knees, hips, back, spine, neck, shoulder, elbow, foot, ankle, wrists, hands. Basically, chronic joint pain is the current focus. We are looking at expanding our services, but there is not a timetable.

One of the services we provide for our community is we give 100% Free stem cell information seminars. The education you’ll receive regarding the stem cells is very detailed. We cover the various types of stem cells and we will also often have people we have treated with the stem cell therapy there to answer your questions too.

If you’re thinking about stem cell therapy or if you just want to learn more about the stem cell options possible for a loved one then we encourage you to come to our next Free stem cell therapy information seminar.

You can get the dates and RSVP here:

This is a recent stem cell therapy patient and her experience with pain relief that kept her from doing everyday thing. Please listen to it, and then be sure to sign up for the Free – No Obligation- Stem Cell Information Seminar. Many people who attend will share that they have attended other seminars covering this topic and they say that what we provide and how we answer their questions as well as the number of people who say the positive results that they are getting is the #1 reason so many people choose Renewstem to help them Renew Your Possibilities™ No Surgery. Quick & Safe.


Source: New Phase III stem cell study for treatment of back pain associated with degenerative disc disease | RegMedNet

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